About Ravenna


About Ravenna

Ravenna is a jewelery store that focuses on craftmanship and personality. We sell a wide range of collections designed by national and international designers, each telling a unique story.

Not the name of the designer, but the quality of the product and the style of his creations are important to us. This is why, next to well-known names, you can discover a lot of new young designers in our store.

Ravenna is located in the Nieuwe Gaanderij, in the middle of the Wilde Zee district in Antwerp. This neighborhood is the fashion centre of Antwerp, where many famous designers have their roots.

Our assortment consists of silver jewelery, jewelery in stainless steel and fashion jewelery in diverse materials such as bronze, leather, enamel, plexi, rubber, and others. Rings can always be resized, and we are willing to do adjustments to make the jewel of your choice a perfect fit. On demand, we can order jewelery in yellow, white or pink gold.

Because we know that a jewel is much more that just an accessoiry, it is a prioriry to us that you can take your time while looking around and making your decision. We are always there to assist you in your quest for the jewel that fits you perfectly.

The beating heart behind Ravenna is Isabelle De Beukelaer. Due to more that 30 years of experience in the industry, Isabelle, has a great eye for the trends in het jewerely sector. Each year, she travels to international jewelery expos in search of new designers with a unique vision. This way, she always suprises us by continiously renewing her store, without losing its special charm.

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